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Density Control system

June 13th, 2020

With the opening up of shops and other retail premises and a requirement to limit the numbers of persons inside the premises have you considered a density control system. This system uses a camera to count people in and out of the premises and displays how many people can enter on a monitor at the entrance. The screen will show how many persons are inside and either display a green figure for those who can enter or a red figure to show that the number has been reached. as persons leave the display will update to allow people to enter. We are able to supply and install density counting systems for your business. Please contact us for details and a quote. The system we use is based upon equipment from Hikvision.


April 14th, 2020

A quick update from Farmwatch Limited, we are currently operating with a reduced work force. With 4 engineers self isolating at home owing to living with vulnerable family members, we are not able to carry out our normal day to day business.

We are however, still able to respond to Agricultural and Commercial Premises in need of repairs and servicing of intruder alarms and security equipment. The thieves are not following the rules and are still causing issues to businesses. To ensure we are not breaking the rules we are having to restrict the work to where we are responding to key businesses and to try and ensure they do not fall victim to crime and put there important work behind schedule.

As we need to keep our working engineers safe from the virus we are not able to attend if persons are self isolating owing to virus symptoms.


July 21st, 2019

Do you know your What3words address, this easy to use APP will revolutionise the way you direct people to your location. The easiest way to see what it is and how it works is to get the app and try it. use this link to go to the What3words web site.

We use What3words on a daily basis to direct our engineers to their work. It is better than a post code especially if they are going to a farm gate or an isolated building. the world is divided into 3 metre squares with each square having a unique combination of 3 words.

Try it by following this link to the What3words web site

There have been some very good uses of the App already, the police control room are able to use it to direct police officers to you if you give them your What3words location. The fire service found a crashed glider after the pilot gave them his what3words location.

Make a point of checking your home address with What3words and make a note of all of your vulnerable sites. You can easily share your location straight from your smartphone or tablet.

Polaris stolen from Swaffham area

March 18th, 2018

Stolen from the Swaffham area in the past week was a Polaris index displayed LJ62LRY the Polaris was fitted with an Ifor Williams hard top on back

Fuel thefts

June 5th, 2017

There has been a steady increase in the theft of fuel and farm chemicals over the past weeks. There have been several thefts around the Norfolk Cambridgeshire border. A large quantity of chemicals have been stolen from a farm in West Norfolk. The chemicals stolen were INFINITO 180 LITRES, REVUS 220 LITRES, SHIRLAN 20 LITRES and TITUS 600 GRMS. The offenders also stole cutting equipment and Oxygen plus 200 litres of diesel. They transported the items some 800 metres around field margins to avoid the CCTV.

An alarm system may have prevented this theft.

Call us, we are able to provide advice and a quote for a suitable alarm systems to monitor your property.

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