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Greenstar GPS systems

March 17th, 2017

We are approaching the time of year when the thefts of the Greenstar GPS systems will become a problem.

We have a simple alarm system that can be installed inside your tractor cab. The device will be hard wired into the tractor and monitor the GPS system and will notify you when someone is removing the items.

In the past thieves have managed to work undetected in buildings and out in the field without being disturbed. Our system is silent but will contact up to 8 persons on activation.

The system will cost from £300.00 plus VAT per system. This is a small amount to pay to monitor a £12000.00 GPS system.

During the Spring drilling period in 2016, several systems were stolen from farms in East Anglia and on more than one occasion more than one system was stolen from the same farm.

Give us a call or drop an email and we will quote for installation. The system can be used to monitor other areas of the farm when the GPS is not fitted to the machines. We are using them to monitor irrigation pump fuel and batteries and the opening of farm gates etc. The system requires a SIM card to operate and a 12 volt supply.

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