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Heating oil theft

April 10th, 2017

Householders are reminded to remain vigilant as thieves are continuing to steal heating oil in large quantities. We are able to install a simple alarm system to monitor heating oil or fuel tanks. On activation the system will sound an external siren and notify one or more persons by text and phone call. The system can easily monitor multiple tanks with in 300 metres of the alarm panel.

Join your neighbours and share the cost of an installation. One alarm panel can monitor several properties within a 300 metre radius of the alarm panel. The cost of the main control panel and external sounder and the kit for three tanks will be £450.00 plus VAT. extra tanks will cost £70.00 plus VAT.

Call us or send an enquiry using the contact form for a survey of your street or neighbourhood.

Stolen Greenstar during working day

March 22nd, 2017

We have been informed of the theft of a Greenstar roof unit and screen from the cab of a tractor which was parked in farmyard in West Norfolk. The theft took place during the day between 3pm and 4.30pm. This is the first theft we are aware of taking place during the day from a tractor parked in the open. It is thought that the thieves must have watched the tractor and the yard to wait until the farmer had left the farm.

We have previously warned farmers to secure the machinery with Greenstar units inside buildings with an intruder alarm.

Please report any suspicious vehicles to Farmwatch with date and time and location and description of occupants.

Greenstar GPS systems

March 17th, 2017

We are approaching the time of year when the thefts of the Greenstar GPS systems will become a problem.

We have a simple alarm system that can be installed inside your tractor cab. The device will be hard wired into the tractor and monitor the GPS system and will notify you when someone is removing the items.

In the past thieves have managed to work undetected in buildings and out in the field without being disturbed. Our system is silent but will contact up to 8 persons on activation.

The system will cost from £300.00 plus VAT per system. This is a small amount to pay to monitor a £12000.00 GPS system.

During the Spring drilling period in 2016, several systems were stolen from farms in East Anglia and on more than one occasion more than one system was stolen from the same farm.

Give us a call or drop an email and we will quote for installation. The system can be used to monitor other areas of the farm when the GPS is not fitted to the machines. We are using them to monitor irrigation pump fuel and batteries and the opening of farm gates etc. The system requires a SIM card to operate and a 12 volt supply.

Battery thefts on the increase

March 9th, 2017

Farmers are warned that there has been a steep rise in reports of thefts of batteries from farms and commercial premises. You are advised to mark your batteries with either a post code or a DNA marking Fluid. Norfolk Police are recommending that batteries are painted a bright colour. Whatever method you use it needs to identify where the battery is stolen from. Please make sure you have a marking system that identifies the battery as yours.

Do not make it easy for thieves, keep doors to buildings closed and if you have gates to farm try to keep them closed. Automatic gates will help keep your yard secure. An alarm system will notify you when intruder are on site.

We are able to supply and install gate automation and intruder alarms.

Snowdrops and Bluebells

February 26th, 2017

Landowners are warned that thieves have recently started to dig up snowdrops and bluebells from woodlands. In one incident near South Pickenham the thieves have dug up a substantial quantity of snowdrop bulbs and put them into trays ready to take away. The thieves had left the bulbs worth approximately £3000.00 on site. They were probably disturbed.

At Narborough offenders have dug an area of bulbs and on this occasion have taken the bulbs away from the site. There were a quantity of the trays similar to those left near South Pickenham.

The police are keen for any information which may assist in tracing the offenders. If you have any information regarding the theft or that may assist the police you may call Farmwatch Limited or Crimestoppers.

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