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July 21st, 2019

Do you know your What3words address, this easy to use APP will revolutionise the way you direct people to your location. The easiest way to see what it is and how it works is to get the app and try it. use this link to go to the What3words web site.

We use What3words on a daily basis to direct our engineers to their work. It is better than a post code especially if they are going to a farm gate or an isolated building. the world is divided into 3 metre squares with each square having a unique combination of 3 words.

Try it by following this link to the What3words web site

There have been some very good uses of the App already, the police control room are able to use it to direct police officers to you if you give them your What3words location. The fire service found a crashed glider after the pilot gave them his what3words location.

Make a point of checking your home address with What3words and make a note of all of your vulnerable sites. You can easily share your location straight from your smartphone or tablet.

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