Farmwatch Ltd


Join Farmwatch  to receive added security benefits for your property.

Membership of Farmwatch Ltd will provide you with:

We operate a WhatsApp group, email and text service to provide urgent messages regarding ongoing situations. Including raves, illegal hare coursing, stack fire arson etc.

Membership of Farmwatch costs £15.00 plus VAT for farms up to 80 Hectares and £20.00 plus VAT for Farms over 80 Hectares. For non farming members £10.00 plus VAT


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    Farmwatch membership costs £75.00 plus VAT (£90.00) for up to 80 Hectares and £100.00 plus VAT (£120.00) for over 80 Hectares.

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    Farmwatch Membership

    Enroll with our Farmwatch service for added security benefits for your farm or property.