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FarmWatch Ltd have ceased trading.

FarmWatch Ltd have ceased trading, We TPI Security are providing services for previous FarmWatch customers. We are certified Jablotron Alarm engineers and certified Hikvision Engineers, so we can offer peace of mind that we can care for your needs. If you currently have a FarmWatch installed security system and don’t know what to do then please call us and we will see how we can help you.

TPI Security

TPI Security are taking on FarmWatch customers.

What to do if you have a FarmWatch security system!

As you may or may not know FarmWatch have ceased trading, this has caused a huge amount of their previous customers some distress as many of the security systems went into fault due to the SIM cards going down.

Jablotron Alarm systems

If you have a Jablotron alarm system installed by Farmwatch then the chances are it has a sim card inside the alarm which was used for communication to your phone. The good news is that your alarm should still work as a alarm but it wont contact you if it does go off.

If you have your sim card supplied by a company called Com Tech then they may have contacted you directly in order to keep your sim card going and deal directly with them.

If you have not had contact with Com Tech then you probably have a alternative supplier. In this case you will need to setup a new simcard, you can either obtain this yourself or TPI security can provide this for you. 

• We offer a fixed price simcard for £62.50+ vat per year, one off £60+vat installation charge, or we can replace the simcard during a full alarm service which costs £80+vat for most alarms (big alarm systems may cost a little more).

Hikvision CCTV systems

If you have a Hikvision CCTV system installed by FarmWatch then we can take over the repair and maintanence of these systems.

If you have any other installation from FarmWatch and need help then please give us a call and we will see how we can help.

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